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Who Is Eligible For Services?

Eligibility for IDD services and supports is established through an assessment process using standardized tests and conducted by a qualified professional.   An individual, who lives in Dallas County, is at least three (3) years of age and:

  • has a diagnosis of an intellectual disability, which is based on:
    • Measure of the person’s IQ
    • A determination of the person’s adaptive behavior level (ABL); and
    • Evidence of the disability that originated before the person’s 18th birthday;
  • has a pervasive developmental disorder, such as autism
  • is a nursing facility resident who is eligible for specialized services for IDD or a related condition pursuant to §1919(e)(7) of the Social Security Act; or
  • is a child eligible for early childhood intervention services.
What Is An Intellectual Disability?
What Is Pervasive Developmental Disorder?
What Is A Related Condition?
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