Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting Started


STEP 1: Call Metrocare Services Eligibility Determination Unit at (214) 333-7000 and tell them you would like to apply for IDD services.

STEP 2: An Intake Specialist is assigned to contact the person requesting the DID.

STEP 3: The Intake Specialist contacts the person requesting the DID. The Intake Specialist explains what types of documents are needed and how you can obtain them. The Intake Specialist will also discuss what fees may apply, if any, based on individual circumstances. If further clarification is needed, a telephone consultation may be arranged with a Metrocare Services financial counselor.

STEP 4: Once the Eligibility Determination Unit has received all the necessary documents, the Intake Specialist contacts the consumer to schedule the assessment.

STEP 5: A DADS Certified Psychologist or Licensed Psychologist conducts the Eligibility Determination assessment. A financial counselor also completes a questionnaire that establishes how services will be funded, unless this has been completed beforehand (please see “Fees You May Have To Pay For This Service in the FAQs”).

STEP 6: If a person is found eligible for Intellectual and Developmental Services, the psychologist will forward the DID and financial information to the IDD Service Coordination unit for admission to services.