Getting Started

Getting Started

About the DID Evaluation

The DID evaluation is conducted by a DADS Certified Psychologist or Licensed Psychologist and typically consists of the following:

Review of Past Testing:The psychologist will review previous evaluation reports to help understand the individual’s historic levels of functioning. The review of past testing may also reveal improving or declining levels of functioning over time. Previous test results are also used to verify that the diagnostic criteria for IDD existed before 18 years of age.

Interview: This typically includes the consumer and caregiver. The psychologist will usually ask about developmental history, family history, educational history, physical/medical problems, psychiatric history, problem behaviors, services needed, and other concerns the family and consumer have.

Adaptive Behavior Assessment: The psychologist administers an adaptive behavior assessment. The adaptive behavior assessment is performed by interviewing a person who is familiar with the consumer’s communication, self-help, and social skills. The individual’s adaptive behavior level is then compared to what is typically expected of persons in his/her age group to determine if the individual’s adaptive behavior level falls within the range of mental retardation.

Intellectual Assessment: The psychologist administers an intelligence test (IQ) to determine if the individual’s level of intellectual functioning falls within the range of IDD. The IQ test is given to the individual directly and requires the individual to solve a variety of problems that measure reasoning abilities.